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The Newtest Powertimer offers sports teams and organizations a very powerful tool to improve their quality of coaching and training of their players. The accurate and versatile testing system allows coaches and trainers to test their players where they are practicing.

  • Identify the best talent for your team
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your players
  • Select the best possible players to each position
  • Optimize the strength and conditioning program
  • Rehabilitate more effectively
  • Control the quality of coaching
  • Save time and money with portable and practical sport specific testing

Talent identification

Speed is the most prized athletic quality. No other component of sports performance is more directly equated with success than speed! In team sports when all other components being equal, the team with the greatest speed will win (Gambetta & Winckler, Sport Specific Speed)! Finding the athletic talent early enough to develop the skills, in addition to the athlete`s natural speed, means top class players for you team and organization!

Competition gets tougher - optimize training

Many coaches and trainers have recognized the importance of sport specific fitness testing in developing their players and the coaching. Objective test results allow the players and coaches to optimize the training for their respective sport. Monitoring the player`s neuromuscular performance is one of the keys in maintaining peak performance throughout the long competitive season.

Promote goal setting - increase motivation in players

The test results have great potential for positive impact on motivation for skill and fitness development in individual players. These test results can be used as milestones, which direct the development of the players on their way to world class level. This is especially important when training and teaching the athletes to train.

Control the quality of coaching in the whole organization

The test results can be pooled in the Powertimer Analyzer database. With the database software you are able to create team profiles, follow up on the development of the individual players, teams and groups of players from one year to another. As you save test results into the database, you will automatically create performance reference norms as the database calculate percentile values based on the test results. This helps you to rank the players based on their test performance.

At the organizational level, the player and team development can be directed by comparing the test performances between the teams over the period of time: for example an exceptional age group in juniors can be used as a "benchmark" for the future teams.

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