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Each facility has different kind of needs depending on their infrastructure. Since the Newtest 2000 Sprint Timing System is a modular system it can be upgraded easily with the modules needed. This also allows easy access to high quality testing at any level.

Sports halls and testing centers can acquire an appropriate testing package matching their needs. The easy-to-use system allows rapid and accurate testing of even large groups of athletes.

The Newtest 2000 Sprint Timing System utilizes multiple photocell application for the full distance of the sprint track. The photocells utilize fixed-field sensor technology and the sensing range is adjustable. Furhtermore, the photocells are mounted in protective metal cases.

Newtest 2000 clock

  • The Newtest 2000 clock is the control unit to the system
  • Testing data is stored in the clock memory
  • Clock display shows the test results immediately for quick feedback.
  • Easy to use and extremely durable
  • Can be turned on and off with a key. This reduces the unauthorized use and damage to the system
  • Timing is automatic and the split times are viewed with a split time push button
  • Highly visible super bright LED display visible up to 50 meters
  • A large additional 7-segment slave display is also avaiblable


  • The photocells used in the Newtest 2000 possess an extremely narrow infrared beam increasing the accuracy of the testing
  • Two different types of photocells are available depending on the needs and applications:
    • A "traditional" retroflective (with reflectors) photocell
    • A fixed field (without reflectors) photocell with an adjustable sensing range
  • Sunlight filtering increases the usability and reliablity in outdoor use
  • Can be permanently installed in special mounting structure for stability, accuracy and security and reduced mainteanance
Available product modules and features
Item Basic modules Optional modules
Newtest 2000 clock Normal display Extra display (slave mode)
Photocells Metal case Special mounting post
Cable Photocell every 10 m Photocells on variable distances

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