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Physical educators in colleges and universities, teaching in exercise and health sciences or physical education, need to demonstrate or measure a variety of physiological phenomena. Among these are e.g. muscle elasticity, power, explosive force production and speed. Students in the early stages of their studies may understand the basics of these phenomena more easily and find out how important even little changes are in them when they see concrete examples of them.

"When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it."
- Lord Kelvin

Newtest Powertimer is a reliable, versatile, and accurate testing system for testing speed and speed-strength abilities in laboratory or field conditions. It includes a unique testing feature for upper body explosive strength, the Throwing Gate.

Excellent teaching tool

The teaching personnel will have Newtest Powertimer as a useful piece of equipment to support their teaching in exercise and health sciences. The versatility of the testing system enables teachers and students to make accurate measurements for their papers, labs of a variety of biomechanical and physiological variables, in a laboratory, at a gym or in a classroom. Newtest Powertimer is a valuable tool for a teacher of exercise and health sciences thanks to its accuracy, reliability, mobility and versatility.

Newtest Powertimer in scientific research

Newtest Powertimer is a reliable and useful tool in research with its accuracy and versatility. It is being used extensively in universities and other educational and research institutes all over the world. It is being used in sports and scientific and occupational health research to measure the performance of neurological patients, athletes, aging people, as well as the normal population.

Theory into practice

With Newtest Powertimer it is easy to combine theory into practice in lab work, demos, student presentations and even with thesis research. It is easier for students to understand e.g. muscle mechanics, muscle elasticity and power production of the upper and lower extremities when they get hands on experience on the testing and measurement of these variables.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."
- Confucius

Testing services

Many universities and colleges include athletic or other testing services in their functions to gain more information about athletic training and to develop the national or regional level of athletes and coaches in a variety of sports. The testing services help also to keep a solid relationship to the "outside world" and allow practical experience for the students. Some institutes even finance some of their purchases with the income they get from the testing services. Newtest Powertimer is designed for accurate assessment of biomechanical and physiological variables of explosive strength, speed, anaerobic power, reaction times and quickness. Thus, it is a valuable tool in research, education and training.

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