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POWERTIMER PRODUCT MODULES - Totally new and improved!

The Newtest Powertimer offers a complete portable performance testing laboratory. Thanks to well-designed system components, all equipment can be fit into one anatomically designed briefcase. The firm briefcase is easy to carry around and it protects your Powertimer during transportation and storage.

Newtest Powertimers are easy to set up according to standard testing protocols with clearly marked connections. Improved battery life enables hours of testing!

PowertimerPC software application

  • PowertimerPC software application on your PC is the user interface and control unit of the system
  • Easy-to-handle menus enable quick selecting and editing options
  • A new feature - Quick test - allows very quick and efficient testing of large groups (Please note! This feature does not save data!)
  • Preprogrammed standard tests
  • Shows results immediately and stores the data during testing
  • Data download/upload to/from Powertimer Analyzer PC database
  • Improved data management power of the PC
  • USB-to-serial connection between the Powertimer hardware and PC
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Jump mat

  • Jump mat is used to measurement of variety of vertical jumps, drop jumps, repetitive jumps as well as contact times
  • Capasitive with autocalibration
  • Large measurement surface
  • Very accurate
  • Extremely durable
  • Size 84 * 95 cm
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  • Firm, anatomically designed briefcase with built-in connections and rechargeable batteries
  • Holds and protects equipment during transportation and storage
  • Includes take-off reaction time signal lights
  • Battery lifetime 15 h (with photocells and jump mat in use)
  • Charge time 1.5 hours

Photocell gate

  • Extremely accurate and narrow infrared beam
  • A fixed field sensor technology (do not require reflectors)
  • Adjustable sensing range
  • Sunlight filtering
  • A dual-beam photocell construction is also available!
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Powertimer Analyzer PC database

  • Windows® based database for Powertimer test analysis and feedback reports
  • System requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
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Throwing Gate (optional)

  • A unique and innovative testing feature for the testing of explosive upper body strength in overhead throwing action
  • Combines photocells and the jump mat (or two sets of photocells)
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Start switch (optional)

  • Start switch be used to replace the first (start photocell) when the timing started for example with a hand
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