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We have always listened keenly to the coaches, trainers and sport scientists and taken their suggestions and comments seriously. Some time ago, we conducted a large survey among the team and power sports coaches in four different countries.

We interviewed 200 coaches and asked their opinions on athletic performance testing and their views on how testing equipment should be improved. We have tried to put as many of these ideas and suggestions into the new 300-series Powertimer as possible. We hope that the new Powertimer will meet your demands as well!

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Powertimer equipment includes a jump mat and photocell gates

Powertimer includes software for PC

Speed and power are the essence of most sports

Coaches and athletes have always been intrigued by speed, reaction times and explosive strength. These properties are probably the most important aspects of the athletic performance in most sports. Therefore, the coaches are extremely interested in the factors which make one athlete quicker, faster and more explosive than another. However, most coaches have been missing the equipment with which they could identify these performance characteristics accurately and reliably.

The new Powertimer

The new Powertimer

Now, the coaches have access to equipment with which these athletic qualities can be detected - the completely new and improved generation of the Newtest Powertimers! With the Powertimers speed, explosive strength and power can be measured accurately, reliably and most importantly, practically, where training takes place.

Newtest Powertimers' innovative testing features with extremely accurate measurements and testing are interpreted into easy to compare numeric values (seconds, centimeters etc). This helps the coaches, trainers and physical educators to give accurate and immediate feedback on the performed tests to the athletes, students and patients in a form that they can understand. This makes the Powertimers extremely effective and powerful teaching and testing tools!

Portability and mobility

Newtest Powertimer are rechargeable and completely portable testing systems. The system is packed into one anatomically designed briefcase. The system is easy to set up wherever testing is done - at the lab, in the gym, on-ice, on-court or even in the trainer's room. These features allow practical testing without losing valuable time from training or rehab.

Sport specific testing

Newtest Powertimers are designed to perform lab accuracy testing in field conditions. This includes over 20 most common athletic performance tests pre-programmed on your personal computer. Coaches and trainers can test their athletes with and the researchers perform research with sport specific tests with an accuracy of 0.001s!

Easy to use: most of the standard athletic performance tests supported

Newtest Powertimers are operated using your own personal computer (laptop models recommended for portability). The PowertimerPC software application enables the user to easily select test protocol, control the testing and give immediate feedback to the athletes. Results are saved automatically and can be downloaded to the Powertimer Analyzer database.

The new "Quick test" feature of the PowertimerPC software allows very quick testing of large groups (please note that this feature does not save data for Analyzer). Group and subject information can be retrieved from the Powertimer Analyzer database by the PowertimerPC software.

Easy to compare: download test results into Powertimer Analyzer database

When the test results have been transferred into Analyzer, they can easily be analyzed in graphical or numerical form. Each player's results can be compared to another's or create a timeline of test results. The group's or team's test results can be shown as team profiles with reference values based on the test results in the database.

The communication between the PowertimerPC software and the Powertimer Analyzer database helps in setting up the test sessions and test groups prior to testing. This increases the time management of the testing!

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Newtest Powertimer tests include the following:
Speed and explosive strength
  • Static jump
  • Counter movement jump
  • Drop jump
  • Reactivity-stiffness test
  • Vertical jump(s)
  • Throwing gate test
Acceleration and speed
  • Speed timing
  • Sprint analysis
Quickness and agility
  • 505-test
  • Illinois agility run
  • Ajax shuttle
  • T-test
Anaerobic power
  • Margaria's stair run test
  • Repetitive jump test
  • Running based anaerobic power test (RAST)
Body composition
  • BMI
  • Skinfold measurements, Bodyfat-%
Reaction time
  • Take-off reaction time

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