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There is an increasing trend in rehabilitation (physical- and athletic therapy) to be able to assess the patient's progress and the outcome of the rehab process accurately and objectively. Traditionally, a lot of testing in this are was performed with manual testing and subjective evaluation of, for example, muscle strength. In many cases, this is not adequate method of assessing the patient's functional capacity. Especially in the area of rehabilitation of athletic injuries in competitive sports, where often the patients are professional athletes with their careers depending on the effective rehabilitation.

"When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it."
- Lord Kelvin

Use of functional performance tests

During the past years many of the leading physical- and athletic therapists have begun to utilize the same tests, which are used in the strength and conditioning of athletes. These tests are standardized functional performance tests designed to test the athlete's functional abilities in the given area. These tests inlude a variety of vertical jump tests, agility tests and anaerobic power tests as well as tests for evaluating the cardiorespiratory function. When using the same tests as in strength and conditioning the physical therapists and athletic trainers are able to compare the test results during the rehabilitation process with the results when the athlete was healthy. This provides a powerful database and goal for the rehabilitation process.

Newtest Powertimer in training

Newtest Powertimer supports functional performance testing in training extremely well. The Powertimer offers 19 universally used performance tests on practically every dimension of the athletic performance. Therefore, Powertimer is being used extensively in universities and other educational, training and research institutes all over the world. It is being used in medical, sports and health scientific and occupational health research to measure the performance of athletes, aging people, as well as the normal population.

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