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This frequently asked questions section may be of help when working with the Palm-controlled versions of the Powertimers. If you cannot locate an answer to your problem, send the question to your local distributor who is usually able to help you immediately or to us.

We will post the most common questions on this page for you and the other Powertimer users to get the most out of their Powertimer system.

Helpful Downloads:

How do I know if I have the latest software version?

Check the version number from menu 'Help' - 'About Newtest Powertimer Analyzer'.

Where can I find the latest software version?

Current version number is 1.00.339. Please follow this link to download it.

How do I update my Powertimer software?

You can update both the Powertimer software for your Palm handheld and the Powertimer Analyzer PC database at the same time.

After the first installation, when you start Powertimer Analyzer, the software will check if there is a new update available. If an update is available, you will be notified.

You can also download the latest software version from here: Powertimer software update.

The Synchronization between PC and Palm does not work

If the synchronization between Palm and PC does not start (The 'HotSync progress' - message box does not appear on the PC when pressing the HotSync button), check the following things:

  • If the 'HotSync progress' - message box does not appear when pressing the HotSync - button, the problem is related to Palm Desktop software installation and/or port settings. Check the Palm - manual first to find more information related to this issue.
  • Check that Palm is connected to the PC
  • Check your Serial Port settings by right - clicking the HotSync - icon on the Windows System Tray (System tray is located at the lower - right corner of the Windows Desktop). When the HotSync - icon is right - clicked, a list is displayed. Check that the 'Local Serial' - list item is checked, and if not, check it. You can check the Serial Port in use by selecting the 'Setup...' - list item from the list. From the opened window, select the 'Local' - tab. From the 'Local' - tab you can select the serial port which is used when synchronizing data between Palm and PC. Try changing the port number and press 'HotSync' - button to check if the synchronization is working.

The Groups, Subjects and Test data are not transferred between Palm and PC

If the 'HotSync progress' - message box appears on the PC but Groups, Subjects and Test data is not transferred between Palm and PC, check the following things:

  • If the Newtest Powertimer- software was installed before installing the Palm Desktop - software, the synchronization between the Newtest Powertimer Palm software and Newtest Powertimer Analyzer PC software does not work. In this case you need to re-install the latest version of the Newtest Powertimer software and try the synchronization again.
  • Check the Date settings on your PC and Palm. The settings should be similar (e.g. D.M.Y or D/M/Y etc.) on both ends. You can check the settings on Palm by following way:
    1. Tap the 'Prefs'- icon on the Palm main view
    2. Tap the menu at the upper right corner of the 'Preferences'- view
    3. Tap 'Formats'- menu item at the menu list
    4. Check if the Date format matches the format you're having on the PC end (at the PC, you can check this by selecting the Start->Settings->Control Panel->Regional Options)
  • If the Date formats are different, the easiest way is to change the Date settings on Palm. Do the following:
    1. First, clear all data from the Palm (groups, subjects and tests) (assuming that the data at the Palm end is not valuable at this point, If it is 'real' valuable test data, do not delete before contacting us)
    2. Exit Powertimer
    3. (Palm Main view open) Tap the 'Prefs' - icon on the Palm main view
    4. Tap the menu at the upper right corner of the 'Preferences' view
    5. Tap 'Formats'- menu item at the menu list
    6. Select the proper Date format from the 'Date'- combo box
    7. Go to the Palm main menu by pressing the 'House'- icon near the graffiti writing area

Now, you should have one or few groups and subjects created at the PC end, try pressing the 'HotSync'- button and check if the data is transferred to Palm.

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