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Here you will find all the news related to Newtest or its distributors.

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PowertimerPC2 beta update 1.9.6 released
news written at September 30, 2010

New version contains small bug fixes and Finnish language support. If you have no data you need in your PowertimerPC 1.0 installation, we recommend that you migrate to the new version.

Featuring our new Powertimer design!
news written at March 15, 2010

Powertimer's design has been refreshed. Please meet our new red and black Powertimer suitcase on our Powertimer product information page!

Research references updated
news written at December 14, 2009

Powertimer research articles have been updated.

First public beta of PowertimerPC2
news written at December 13, 2009

The first public beta of PowertimerPC2 has been released. This version includes support for Windows Vista and Windows 7, and also replaces Powertimer Analyzer. Handling results and creating reports can now be done inside PowertimerPC. See the beta page for more info.

New version of PowertimerPC available!
news written at January 6, 2009

Added Japanese and Russian translations. PowertimerPC version 1.1.1 can be downloaded from the Software update page.

New version of PowertimerPC available!
news written at April 7, 2008

PowertimerPC version 1.1.0 can be downloaded from the Software update page.

Thorough update to
news written at June 11, 2007

Web content has been updated and old information removed. As a new feature we now provide an RSS 2.0 newsfeed for Our layout has also been modified - if the page isn't displayer properly, try refreshing the page and/or cleaning your web browser cache.

New version of PowertimerPC available!
news written at December 7, 2006

PowertimerPC version 1.0.3 can be downloaded from the Software update page.

New version of PowertimerPC available!
news written at November 2, 2006

PowertimerPC version 1.0.2 can be downloaded from the Software update page.

Newtest Powertimer Update
news written at August 2, 2006

You can also download this press release in PDF form at

Newtest Powertimer 300 series testing system is updated with the PowertimerPC software, USB-to-serial adapter kit and a modified connection unit (product code 301200.00).The Powertimer system has utilized the Palm PDAs (models m105 and Zire) during its lifetime. The Palm PDAs have proven to be very difficult to install and especially, the Palm Zire has been of very poor quality compromising the Powertimer system. Therefore, we have decided to replace the Palm with PC based software. The Powertimer will be available with the updated features starting 1.8.2006. The system may also be updated with update kit for those customers who already have the Powertimer 300 series system.

We have chosen a commercial kit for the connection of the Powertimer to PC. The kit is manufactured by Eminent.

Please contact your local supplier for further information. If you have trouble locating your distributor/supplier for further information please contact Newtest Oy.

The update is available for distribution August 1, 2006.

Bone Exercise Monitorâ„¢'s home pages
news written at November 21, 2005

Newtest Bone Exercise Monitorâ„¢'s English home pages have been opened. The pages can be found at

Bone Exercise Monitorâ„¢ has been published
news written at November 3, 2005

Newtest Bone Exercise Monitor has been published! The monitor's Finnish home pages can be found at

Running Based Anaerobic Sprint Test (RAST) can be used successfully to replace the Wingate test!
news written at May 17, 2004

A study made at the University of Athens (Athens, Greece) compared three different anaerobic power and capacity tests (Critical Velocity field test, Wingate test and RAST).

The results showed that the Critical Velocity field test did not correlate significantly with Wingate test peak power, mean power nor the fatigue index. Furthermore, the absent of significant correlation was also noticed between Critical Velocity field test and RAST peak powerand average power. The study confirmed significant correlation between RAST and Wingate in peak power and mean power.

The study concluded that RAST can be used successfully as a replacement to the Wingate test as an estimate of the anaerobic power and capacity.

Reference: Zacharogiannis, E.; Paradisis, G.; Tziortzis, S. An Evaluation of Tests of Anaerobic Power and Capacity. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: Volume 36(5) Supplement May 2004 p S116

The RAST is a standard feature in the Powertimer 300-series testing system!

Additional information on the RAST can be found at

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