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Biomechanics - The Magazine of Body Movement and Medicine
Journal of Applied Biomechanics
Journal of Biomechanics

Sports science; -medicine and physiology

British Journal of Sports Medicine
Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology
Die Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin
European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology
Exercise and Sports Science Reviews
Human Movement Science
International Journal of Sports Medicine
Journal of Aging and Physical Activity (JAPA)
Journal of Applied Physiology
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Journal of Physiology
Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Pediatric Exercise Science
Physician and Sports Medicine
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
Science and Sports
Österrecihisches Journal für Sportmedizin


American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
American Journal of Sports Medicine
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Journal of Athletic Training
Journal of Sport Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy

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Free Medical Journals
Human Kinetics' journals
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Taylor and Francis Group – Journals by subject

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Allyn and Bacon
E & FN Spon
Human Kinetics Publishers
Springer Verlag Journals
Elsevier Journals
Karger Journals
Kluwer Journals
Academic Press Journals
Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates Journals
W.B. Saunders Journals
Cambridge University Press Journals
Oxford University Press Journals
Sage Publications Journals
Williams and Wilkins Journals
Allen Press Journals
Chapman and Hall Journals
Plenum Press Journals
CRC Press Journals
VK kustannus Oy


American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
American College of Sports Medicine
American Council on Exercise
American Physical Therapy Association
American Physiological Society
American Society of Biomechanics
Canadian Society of Biomechanics
European College of Sports Sciences
International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education
International Federation of Sports Medicine
International Society of Biomechanics in Sports
National Association of Physical Education in Higher Education
National Athletic Trainers' Association
National Strength and Conditioning Association
National Osteoporosis Foundation
UK National Sports Medicine Institute


Gatorade Sport Science Exchange
Gambetta Sports Training Systems
Kinesiology Forum (University of Illinois)
Scholarly Sports Sites
Sportscience (An Interdiscplinary Site for Research on Human Physical Performance)


Finnish sports institutes and training centers

Eerikkilän urheiluopisto (Eerikkilä Sport Institute)
Kuortaneen urheiluopisto (Kuortane Sports Institute and Training Center)
Lapin urheiluopisto (Santa Claus' Sports Institute)
Pajulahden urheiluopisto (Pajulahti Sports Institute)
Suomen urheiluopisto (Sports Institute of Finland)
Vuokatin urheiluopisto (Vuokatti Sport Institute)

International sports federations

IBF (International Badminton Federation)
IHF (International Handball Federation)
IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation)
FIBA (International Basketball Federation)
FIFA (International Football Federation)
NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
UEFA (European Football Association)

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