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Newtest has redesigned the ISOPACK measurement software completely. The new Newtest Force measurement software is, now, available in two versions: for desktop and laptop computers!

The new Newtest Force measurement software supports all Newtest Force family dynamometers completing the product family. Furthermore, the Newtest Force measurement software is compatible with the HUR database making the HUR applications (such as Monark ergometer testing software, Tanita body composition analysis) compatible with the Newtest Force measurements! This approach will allow you to create a high performance testing laboratory with excellent cost-effect ratio!

The goals in the design of the Newtest Force measurement was to make it easy-to-use and very functional to support efficient testing.

The new software increases the applicability of Newtest Force isometric strength testing by providing more information on the tests with versatile analysis and feedback. This increases the quality of the testing of the muscular strength in a variety of settings ranging from research to athletic performance testing to training.

Newtest Force measurement software is specially designed for the providers of performance testing (sports performance laboratories and testing centers), research institutions and, even, fitness centers.

For further information, please contact info aetmark newtest dot com.

Hardware requirements

  • Intel Pentium III 333 MHz
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP (2000 or XP recommended)
  • CD-ROM
  • A/D Board (supplied with the software)

Two user levels

  • Basic level - "visitor" for basic tests and measurements
  • Advanced/professional level - "supervisor" for more advanced level of tests and measurements

Pre-programmed test protocols

  • Pre-programmed test protocols support all Newtest Force family dynamometers and test procedures
  • Supports more efficient testing
  • Personalized settings for each subject for future testing reference

Easy-to-use and informative testing procedures

  • Test procedures are informative and guide the test procedures

Test results and feedback are very versatile and informative

  • Numeric results and reports
  • Graphic results and reports
  • Newtest Force measurement software provides extremely versatile and informative results and reports.
  • The reports include comparisons for individual results from one test session to another, between subjects and groups.

Some of the parameters include:

  • Performance Number – The best performance (repetition) during the test.
  • Max Force – Maximum strength (kg)
  • Time to Max Force – Time of force production to maximum force (ms)
  • Highest Force Recruitment – Period of force production with greatest increase in force (ms)
  • Difference in Area (%) – The percentage (%) difference in area between the best and worst performance
  • Relaxation time – Relaxation time (ms)
  • Max Recruitment - Maximal rate of force production
  • Recruitment 0-30% - Rate of force production from 0-30% of maximum force
  • Recruitment 30-60% - Rate of force production from 30-60% of maximum force
  • Recruitment 60-90% - Rate of force production from 60-90% of maximum force
  • Max Force/Weight – Maximum force to bodymass ratio

The sampling frequency

  • Sampling frequency is 200 - 2000 Hz (adjustable)
  • The data is compressed into 200 Hz for the analysis
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