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Newtest develops and markets power sport testing systems, which help sport teams and athletes to detect and improve critical athletic performance factors and to win more games!


The history of the Newtest Oy and the Newtest Powertimer Testing System originates from 1970's and the University of Jyväskylä. At that time many coaches and researchers wondered how athletic performance could be tested in field conditions instead of spending hours in the lab and wait for the results for days or even weeks.

Researchers at the University of Jyväskylä accepted the challenge and begun to think how this type of system could be developed. By that time force plates were used in the labs. The innovative idea was to "downsize" or simplify the force plate and find the applicable data for practical coaching and testing. Researchers (Paavo V. Komi, Pekka Luhtanen, Keijo Häkkinen to name few) at the University of Jyväskylä (Jyväskylä, Finland) were able to develop a portable and accurate testing system for sports and research. In 1978 the production of this new revolutionary testing system, ErgoJump, began by the company Digitest Oy.

In 1993 Newtest Oy was founded in Oulu, Finland. Newtest acquired the rights for the ErgoJump. The product development and manufacturing of the Digitest products including the ErgoJump contact mats, jumping power testing systems and isometric strength testing products were transferred to the Newtest Oy.

Since 1993 Newtest Oy has further developed these testing systems and Newtest Powertimer testing system was created. The Powertimer is currently the main product of the Newtest Oy and the product development goes on. The Digitest isometric testing system is, now, produced as the Newtest Force.


The guiding philosophy of the Newtest Oy and its products is a very high reliability and usability. All Newtest products have been designed and thoroughly researched with leading sports scientists. All Newtest products are used in scientific research in sports sciences. Heavy investment in research and co-operation with scientists has provided reliability and validity for the products. Also, reference materials, normal values and performance norms and criteria for the tests are developed through research.

The Newtest products are developed for the users. Therefore, the Powertimer is very users friendly: portability and versatility are the strengths of the system. The idea of the system is to provide the user(s) with tools with which they can conduct research in the sports sciences or measure and analyze the performance level(s) of their athlete(s) and optimize their training and performance.

The goal of the Newtest Oy is to be at the cutting edge of the performance testing. Constant product development and improvement of existing products as well as development of new innovations in the field of performance testing helps achieving this. Also, continuing co-operation with researchers and leading coaches guarantee the usability and quality of the products. Newtest will become the leading manufacturer of sports performance testing and health promotion exercise evaluation products by combining the latest information technology with intelligent field testing equipment.

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