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Testing in Team and Power Sports was created to help coaches, trainers and physical educators to familiarize themselves with issues related to athletic performance testing.

Testing is often thought to be a very difficult issue and require great skill and knowledge. This book, hopefully, takes away some of the fears and uncertainties sometimes related to testing and makes it a natural part of the training the athletes to become better and help them in achieving their goals.

"Testing and training go together like a hand and a glove. Evaluation through testing is an ongoing process that will determine the direction and content of training. Therefore, it is important to build testing into every stage of training plan."
- Vern Gambetta

"When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it."
- Lord Kelvin

"Testing in Team and Power Sports"

ISBN 952-99301-0-0
70 pages

About the book

The purpose of this book was to put together a great deal of information related to athletic performance testing to help the coaches, trainers and even athletes to understand, what athletic performance testing is and how it can help them in achieving their goals.

The book describes and highlights good testing procedure and how testing should be conducted. It gives information on the factors affecting the athletic performance such as anatomy and physiology of force production. The book also describes key athletic performance tests for the Powertimer that can readily be used in testing athletes in team and power sports.

Furthermore, the majority of these tests can be utilized in athletic training and physical therapy. Finally, the book includes a section discussing the athletic development program and how to design effective training programs based on the performance tests.

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Targeted audience

  • PE/sport science students
  • Athletic training/Physical therapy students
  • Athletic trainers/Physical therapists
  • Coaches
  • Strength and conditioning specialists/Fitness coaches
  • Athletes

The book can be used as a student textbook in PE/sport science courses, learning material in coaches education programs or as a reference manual.

Availability, pricing

The book is available starting April 20, 2004. The suggested end-user price is (€) 15 (excl. VAT). Please contact your local distributor.

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