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In this section you will find articles on topics related to performance testing with the Powertimers. To this section we would like to invite articles, reports and posters in which the Powertimers are used. We would like to offer you a possibility of sharing your experiences to your fellow Powertimer users.

All articles are, naturally, referenced accordingly with the author's name and contact information.

Please contact us at info aetmark newtest dot com for further information.

Download PDF Why testing in team and power sports? (160 kb)
Download PDF Rationale behind performance testing in team and power sports (160 kb)
Download PDF Testing explosive strength and speed in endurance athletes may help to improve the performance in running events (353 kb)
Download PDF ACL injuries in female athletes (762 kb)
Download PDF The Effects Of Playground Activities And Exercising On Playground Equipment On The Motor Coordination Of Preschool Children (1.14Mb)
Download PDF Exercising Senior Citizens' Balance and Motor Coordination (1.24 Mb)


Download PDF Newtest Powertimer research references (106 kb)
Download PDF Newtest Powertimer end-user references (160 kb)
Download PDF Newtest Force research references (97 kb)
Download PDF Newtest Force end-user references (18 kb)
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