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The Newtest Powertimer 300-series testing system.

  • Functional design: anatomically designed carrying case containing the product modules
  • New PC software application - PowertimerPC - replacing the Palm PDAs with over 20 universally used athletic performance tests pre-programmed!
  • Powertimer Analyzer database for PC - with data download/retrieval by the PowertimerPC software
  • Modular design allowing product updates and upgrades
  • Powerful testing features, data management and results reporting
  • A new "Quick test" feature allowing very efficient testing
  • Software updates available on the internet

The Powertimer system has been updated with the PowertimerPC software application which replaces the Palm PDAs!

Powertimer product information
FAQ - helpful information, user manuals, software update. Click here.


PowertimerPC2 beta update 1.9.6 released
news written at September 30, 2010

New version contains small bug fixes and Finnish language support. If you have no data you need in your PowertimerPC 1.0 installation, we recommend that you migrate to the new version.

Featuring our new Powertimer design!
news written at March 15, 2010

Powertimer's design has been refreshed. Please meet our new red and black Powertimer suitcase on our Powertimer product information page!

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